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Gary Andrew Clarke (b. 1970) is a painter based in Stockport, England. His work has been exhibited in the UK, Europe & the US, and is held in private collections across the world.

He grew up in a small village in the south of Leicestershire, England and studied graphic arts at Manchester Polytechnic (later Manchester Metropolitan University) from 1989-91. He subsequently spent several years working within the music industry for several major labels. He later settled at the independent Twisted Nerve Records, working 8 years for friend and the 'one-man counter culture revolution' that is Andy Votel.

Since 2010 he has focused on creating small scale paintings and as a child of the unapologetically naively futuristic early 1970s his work is mainly influenced by the ‘hard-edge and geometric abstraction art from that period. An attempt to create art that might be on the walls in Logan’s Run or Space 1999.

The paintings investigate the push and pull of pure geometry and colour, often with deliberate spatial contradictions. There’s an emphasis on the economy of form, the fullness of colour and the flatness of surface. They often feel like visual puns that might perhaps be elegant solutions to non-existent problems.

Ideas evolve out of stream of consciousness pencil sketching. A fascination with the magical neatness of the golden proportion often informs the overall structure of the work, its internal shapes, and the relationships between the two. The ideas and structure are fine-tuned help from Adobe Illustrator which become the basis study for the final painted work.

The choice of colours is of importance, and much effort is dedicated to finding the perfect partnership for each work. These colour combinations are deliberately curious and un-conventional, with little interest in obvious colour theory.

The work is not intended to be minimalist but nevertheless it is deliberately non-representational and avoids imagery or metaphor. They are ultimately devoid of any narrative meaning whatsoever. To quote Frank Stella, “What you see is what you see.”


Paintings of: Josef Albers, Edward Avedisian, Herbert Bayer, Karl Benjamin, Max Bill, Herbert Bayer, Herbert Busemann, Geneviève Claisse, Lygia Clark, Nassos Daphnis, Geraldo de Barros, Paul Feeley, Frederick Hammersley, Ellsworth Kelly, Sol LeWitt, El Lissitzky, Alvin Lustig, Kazimir Malevich, Kenneth Martin, Kenneth Noland, John McLaughlin, László Moholy-Nagy, Richard Mortensen, Leon Polk Smith, Anton Stankowski, Frank Stella, Otto Treumann, Victor Vasarely, Carlo Vivarelli.

The cinema of: Robert Altman, Paul Thomas Anderson, Michelangelo Antonioni, Ingmar Bergman, Luis Buñuel, Jean Cocteau, Jacques Demy, Federico Fellini, Film Noir, Jean-Luc Godard, Alfred Hitchcock, John Huston, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Charlie Kaufman, Stanley Kubrick, Yorgos Lanthimos, Sergio Leone, David Lynch, Jean-Pierre Melville, Roman Polanski, Nic Roeg, Nicholas Ray, Quentin Tarantino, Andrei Tarkovsky, François Truffaut, Lars von Trier, Orson Welles, Billy Wilder.


‘Gary Andrew Clarke’ (17 January to 24 March 2013) @ The Civic, Barnsley, Yorkshire, England.

‘Thirty Paintings About Nothing’ - with Martin Olson (29th March 2015) @ Bankley Studios & Gallery, Manchester.

 ‘A Big Fat Symphony of Huge Giant Colour’ (9th - 11th October 2015) @ Bankley Studios & Gallery, Manchester.


‘Anarchy vs. Order / Design Walk 2010’ (5-7 February 2010) @ Athens, Greece.

‘CONTROL’ (8-11 April 2010) @ EASA HQ, Manchester, England.

‘One Day wonder[ment]’ (30 September 2012) @ Alexandra Park Arts, Manchester, England.

‘Bankley Open Call 2014’ (10 - 25 October 2014) @ Bankley Studios & Gallery, Manchester.

‘autocatalytic futuregames’ (10 June 2015) @ no format, London.

‘Shelf Life’ (12 September to 24 October 2015) @ PS Mirabel, Manchester.

‘Spectrum’ (1 July - 13 August 2016) @ PS Mirabel, Manchester, England.

'Downshifting' (30 June – 23 July 2017) @ RedLine Contemporary Art Center, Denver, Colorado.

'I Shout for the Fall' (22 Sep 22 - 24 Nov 2018 ) @ Bury Art Museum, England.